Refrigerated items during power outage?

Power was just restored in our house after a 36 hour outage. We minimized opening refrigerator/freezer doors during that time, but it got into the 80s in the house yesterday. Any advice on whether I need to toss everything in the refrigerator, or can I keep most things besides meats and dairy products?

  • Posted by: Yiota
  • July 1, 2012


ChefOno July 1, 2012
USDA guidelines:
kimhw July 1, 2012
Use your thermometer. Open quickly and put the thermometer in for a few minutes. Over 50 and I would throw out any leftovers, milk, soft cheese and uncured meats. Over 55 and I would throw out all dairy all meats and dairy based condiments.
Maedl July 1, 2012
This article may be useful:

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hardlikearmour July 1, 2012
Hard cheeses and yogurt will likely be fine. Milk, etc.. check for spoilage, and toss if in doubt. Meat, and left-overs get rid of for sure. Uncooked fruits and veggies will probably be okay. Rule of thumb - when in doubt, throw it out!
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