Meat - safe to regress if thawed?

I have a freezer full of meat - chicken, steaks, sausage, hot dogs, etc. Had a power surge and the freezer went out, could have been one or even two days before I discovered it. The meat was thawed. Freezer working again, can I refreeze? Would any of the meat be safe?

  • Posted by: Bougie
  • September 25, 2020


KLS September 26, 2020
Yes to both Nancy and Happygoin! if it completely thawed the freezer was too warm; as much as it hurts toss it all! I live in hurricane alley and make sure my freezer is pretty empty starting June 1 for exactly this reason.
Bougie September 26, 2020
Thank you! Better to be safe!
Happygoin September 25, 2020
I’m inclined to agree with Nancy. If meat is only partially thawed, or has been thawed in the fridge, it’s one thing. Usually it’s only the texture that suffers.

But if it was completely thawed, I hate to say this, but I’d throw it out. My feeling is, when in doubt throw it out.

If it makes you feel any better, when I was a girl, my father unplugged the chest freezer (full of meat) to use the three-prong plug, since we apparently only had one.

You guessed it, he forgot to put it back and plug in the freezer when he’d finished using the plug. Everything had to be thrown out. I don’t think Mom spoke to Dad for a week.
Bougie September 26, 2020
Thanks very much. I was afraid that might be the case!
Nancy September 25, 2020
Bougie - I'm sorry to report, but I think all your meat is unsafe to eat.
I remember a winter storm a few years ago when we lost power for several days, and heard some things might be safe if one kept the doors closed.
But that may have been non-meat items.
Have a look at this clip from a USDA chart. And maybe look for more info if you want to doublecheck.,after%204%20hours%20without%20power.
Bougie September 26, 2020
Thanks very much; I will just start tossing. 😢
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