Celery Stalk?

Love the site and am new but I just bought the most amazing stalk of organic celery and was looking for some recipes when I noticed every recipe that included celery asked for numbers of stalks instead of ribs. You can't mean stalks????



pierino July 2, 2012
Yes, the two terms are interchangeable. BTW celery is hugely popular ingredient in Roman cooking. If you are buying a "head" (or "bunch") look for one with the tops intact. There is so much flavor contained in celery leaves.

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chefsusie July 2, 2012
A stalk is a single rib. A group of stalks is a head.
Dea H. July 2, 2012
In American English, the words are interchangeable. I am not certain about the usage in other English-speaking nations.

There's even a children's book that uses stalk as a pun in the title. *The Celery Stalks at Midnight" from the Bunnicula series.
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