Recipes featuring celery greens.

I had them once on a flatbread pizza in California and loved it. Would love some other ideas. I'm partial to raw but open to whatever.



Cristina S. February 23, 2012
I like them in salads too, or as a last-minute topping for tomato soup.
Anitalectric February 23, 2012
That salad sounds like the perfect combination! I love these ideas, thank you!
sfmiller February 23, 2012
Fun ingredient--on the rare occasions I can find celery that hasn't had the leaves lopped off!

I like them as the main green in a salad . Sometimes I mix them with other greens--whole Italian parsley leaves are nice. Dress with a basic vinaigrette. Add sliced or segmented oranges or grapefruit or sliced roasted beets if you want (or shaved parm if you're not vegan!) They can stand up to pretty assertive accompaniments.

Or to take them in a more herbal direction, toss a big handful of coarsely chopped raw leaves onto boiled new potatoes, right after they're drained. The heat wilts the leaves a little and the flavor suffuses into the potatoes. Finish with a drizzle of olive oil, salt, a good grinding of pepper.
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