Repurpose celery root puree

I made too much and am trying to come up with ideas to mix it up with the leftovers. I would love to do some kind of hash but I'm not sure how.

  • Posted by: Diana
  • April 23, 2015


Diana April 24, 2015
I love the idea of a ravioli filling, but didn't have time to pull that together. I thought about soup but wanted to try something new to me. So, I went with a "cake." I mixed the puree with an egg, some chickpea flour and paprika to form little patties. I did not have my proportions quite right, so they were a little dry but all in all not bad. I'd do it again just with less flour next time.
PazzoNico April 24, 2015
Add it to a risotto!

Or as a ravioli filling with gorgonzola..? Bacon and walnut sauce...shaved apple garnish...Waldorf ravioli. :)
arcane54 April 24, 2015
Mix with some potatoes and use for an interesting riff on sheperd's pie. I agree soup would be lovely, and croquettes sound great too. Celery root has such a distinctive taste -- have fun and let us know what you create!
Nancy April 23, 2015
Makes delicious soup, mixed with some stock, potatoes, Apple's, cream. See Chow, David Lebowitz, others for full recipes.
TobiT April 23, 2015
Maybe a riff on a chicken croquette, replacing the mashed potato (or some of it) with the celery root purée?
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