Baking recipe to impress?

Hi all, I'm after a baked good to knock some socks off! I've got a mid morning meeting next week, at which I'd like to impress with something sweet and amazing. It needs to travel well and since I'm in Australia, where it's mid winter, I sadly can't do any summer fruits. I'm thinking bars or cookies? I'd love to hear any ideas. Thanks in advance!



LouisaA July 5, 2012
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of you for your thoughtful and delicious responses! I don't think I'm going to have any trouble impressing with this list.
chefsusie July 4, 2012
What about a rhubarb and cream cheese galette? Oh! my that is heavenly!
babytiger July 4, 2012
In this weather (I'm in Australia as well), it's apple and rhubarb crumble.
Merrill,Ferguson July 4, 2012
Winter + impress + sweet (to me) = Bûche De Noël. One of my favorite flavor combos is an orange and gran mariner buttercream with a dark chocolate cake and a bittersweet glaze.
lorigoldsby July 3, 2012
My tangerine shortbread tart was a big hit at my husband's staff meeting.
Reiney July 3, 2012
Actually, speaking of Thanksgiving, a pumpkin pie always went down a treat when I worked in Oz because it was so unfamiliar to see pumpkin in a sweet. So it definitely fulfills the impressive requirement.

You'll find most recipes use "canned pumpkin" which you'd have to replicate with a roasted butternut pumpkin, pureed and strained through a cheesecloth. (David Jones Food Halls sell canned pumping pie filling but it's expensive).

You could also try a pecan pie - when the recipe calls for corn syrup you can get the Karo brand at David Jones or other specialty stores.
hardlikearmour July 4, 2012
Or substitute Lyle's golden syrup for the Karo - it makes the best pecan pie ever!
drbabs July 3, 2012
I think you might like this; it won the non-pie Thanksgiving dessert contest. I created it so that it would be pretty and travel well, and I suspect that apples may be in season where you are:
PhillipBrandon July 3, 2012
I saw these for the first time at a wedding this weekend, and they impressed me. They're more visually stunning than anything particularly ground-breaking in the flavor department. But the trompe l'oeil decorating is pretty special. Especially for it being mid-winter, it might be neat to be able to bring in what looks like fresh peaches.
Ophelia July 3, 2012
Those are beautiful. I've seen similar, but shaped like acorns and dipped in chocolate and nuts for the cap.
HalfPint July 3, 2012
Sorry, I really should have used the term 'buns', instead of rolls.
HalfPint July 3, 2012
For a mid morning snack, I recommend pani popo. They are soft sweetish rolls baked in an incredible coconut sauce. King Arthur Flour website has a great recipe that I have tried and just love. They can be baked the night before and warmed for serving or served at room temperature. They can travel right in the pan.
HalfPint July 3, 2012
Here's the link to the recipe:
Sam1148 July 2, 2012
Cheese sausage biscuits. I'm talking the little ball things of 'bisquick' and cup of sausage, and a cup of shredded cheese.

Not sure if "Bisquick" is available in OZ. But you can make a knock off of those. with Google searches.

That's the basic recipe...but you can sub 'bisquick' for any pre-mixed bisuit mix.
Basically. It's sausage in the mix, with cheese, and garlic and herbs if you want to get fancy.

The result should little balls of sausage/biscuit/cheese goodness. Without all the fuss and mess of having each element in a biscuit 'sandwich' thingie. .

Yes, I know this isn't 'sweet' but it's very good. One thing I've noticed in 'meetings' etc is that women always go for the sweet stuff--and guys like the savory stuff. (yeah, sexist, but true).
ATG117 July 2, 2012
These are delicious and pretty:

I love PB &J and these are fantastic:

or what about these:
boulangere July 2, 2012
Perhaps these?
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