Cookie/bar recipes that you think taste better baked first and then frozen?

I am in the middle of an extended staycation this holiday season to recoup from the wonder (not) that was 2016. I've been cooking and baking a lot, and also using/eating things I had previously frozen to make room for my new stash of goodies.

So I had baked the Ovenly PB cookies over the summer, and had a few left in the freezer to eat up. To my surprise, they tasted INSANELY good frozen, even better than when they were fresh baked / the fresh ones from actual Ovenly. The texture changed to a sort of PB fudge type thing, and I really enjoyed it.

Are there other cookies or bars that you think improve in the freezer after being baked? I know some people love chewy brownies straight out of the freezer, so I'm planning on making a batch to put half in the freezer.

  • Posted by: E
  • December 28, 2016


E December 29, 2016
Thank you everyone ^_^ If there are more recs later, feel free to add them!

I'm going to make a batch of the blondies and brownies (I love peppermint) recommended by y'all here, and another batch of the Ovenly PB cookies. I think I will experiment with molasses chews as they are my favorite Winter cookie, so 1/2 will go in the freezer unbaked like I usually do with them, 1/4 baked and frozen, and then 1/4 of the batch to consume to console myself, lol.
Liz D. December 29, 2016
I agree with chewy brownies; also lemon squares, baklava ( the phyllo stays crisp but the nut/syrup gets chewy). In fact, I keep all my cookies in the freezer and we usually eat them frozen
Lindsay-Jean H. December 29, 2016
I love these frozen: And the unbaked dough of these cookies are great straight from the freezer, too:
Nancy December 28, 2016
I remember some thinly sliced plain chocolate cake (laced with a light note of peppermint) tasting very good from the freezer. Not as dry as defrosted cake often is. Maybe not better than original, but better than room temp version of self.
Ted December 28, 2016
Maida Heatter's Peppermint Palm Beach Brownies are top of my list for eating frozen. (Except I thaw them a bit and dip in coffee, so not totally frozen.)
Smaug December 28, 2016
Not in line with the culinary establishment (a position I seem to occupy more often than not), but I prefer chocolate chip cookies barely thawed. Most cookies freeze very well (not much moisture), but I can't think of many that it actually improves.
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