I poured sugar syrup on baklava but after cutting i realized it doesn't seem done on the bottom layer. Can i put it back in the oven?

The top layer of the puff pastry was done, so after it cooled I poured the sugar syrup on. I cut myself a piece to taste, and realized that the bottom layer of puff pastry doesn't seem done. Can i put it back in the oven? And then just make more syrup and pour over?



hmjoxhe December 22, 2018
@jessica543 Hi there, I have the same issue: undercooked bottom of baklava, but already poured the syrup- wondering if I can slow bake it more

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Sam1148 July 4, 2012
If it's a metal pan. I'd fire up a burner on the stove and put the pan on that while moving constantly. So it heats only from the bottom..and keep paying attention to it.

Jessica543 July 4, 2012
interesting idea. it is a metal pan, lined it with parchment paper.
Merrill,Ferguson July 4, 2012
The sugar will burn. Pick your battle. Is the underdone bottom layer more off putting than a perhaps patchily burnt top. You could try removing any sugar syrup directly from the top layer with a wet towel which would lessen the possibility if burnt sugar and give a little protection against a dry top. Also is the bottom layer underdone or just dense and syrupy? If so, I say leave it.
Jessica543 July 4, 2012
I think it's undone, it wasn't golden like the top layer, but the pale whitish color it was before it baked. I think I'm going to put it back in for 5 minutes and then turn off the oven and let it sit in the hot oven for a few more minutes. This hasn't happened before, i think it is partially because I should have left it in longer, and partially because I have a tiny kitchen with a tiny oven and the tray I used for baking is bigger than the oven and the door is always open a crack as things cook.
Merrill,Ferguson July 4, 2012
Hi Jessica. Putting it back in the oven sounds right to me too. Just wipe off that extra sugar from your top layer so as not to get burning. Good Luck!
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