simple syrup

I am making a simple syrup for an alcoholic recipe. can I use brown sugar for the syrup?
it calls for white sugar, but I only have half the amount that is needed. will it affect the alcoholic beverage besides flavor? Thank you



la D. September 21, 2012
You could divide the simple syrup recipe in half and use your white sugar. Brown sugar has a stronger flavor that may or may not be a problem in your cocktail. If your cocktail uses apples or pears or a dark fruit with brandy then it will probably be fine. If you've got honey on hand you could make a simple syrup with it, and the flavor might be milder. Here is a Martha Stewart honey simple syrup:

BrangDang September 21, 2012
it will affect the color as well, as far as affecting it beyond color and flavor you shouldn't have any problems.
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