A&M lead me to some unanswerable questions: "we'll send you a year's supply of durian."

That's the alternate contest prize (see contest info). Now, how many durians would that be?

susan g


sdebrango July 4, 2012
Even Andrew Zimmern couldn't eat a durian and he eats just about anything.
SKK July 4, 2012
Not brave enough to get near it!
latoscana July 4, 2012
They could make it a lifetime's supply and it would still be zero.
susan G. July 4, 2012
I would say one -- I would contemplate it with fear and alarm until it turned rotten.
SeaJambon July 4, 2012
An excellent question!

Zero? (have you smelled a durian??!). Or maybe just one because then you'd know you don't want anymore for at least a year??
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