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My! My! I went to the contest rules to "refresh" myself on the terms and what a surprise! Forty five days to enter each contest, only 4 contests this year and my vote at the end accounts for only 25% of the final decision????? What's going on? Methinks the community is being pushed out more and more....



Dennis A. June 16, 2020
seems like nobody left here whats going on?
Dennis A. June 16, 2020
I was just wandering will there ever be a bbq sauce contest? I would really like to enter if there was.
inpatskitchen January 17, 2019
I guess I just miss the days when Food52 was a real community, where we commented frequently on each others recipes, where we actually tested and had some input on which recipes would be chosen as the best and when we, as a community, had more than barely a voice. What attracted me to this site is now gone.....
Joanna S. January 18, 2019
Hi Pat,

I understand your concerns and want to reassure you that we still really care about the community, which is why we're still doing contests. Recent entries have been pretty low, but they're still really meaningful to us! Hopefully doing them quarterly will mean more participation. And even though our focus on community has changed shape, we actually think it's deepened and broadened over the past 10 years. For instance, we spend a lot of time on our Cookbook and Baking Clubs on Facebook and on our Instagram account, interacting and supporting the strong communities that have formed there. We have also put a lot of energy into seasonal efforts like the Holiday Swap, which had more than 1,000 participants this year! We're constantly exploring new ways to engage with and involve our community and always hope they're things everyone will enjoy.

Thanks so much again for your feedback,
Nancy January 18, 2019
Two responses...
1) question. On what basis do you think making the contests quarterly will generate MORE participation? Just curious, because I can't figure it out.
2) suggestion. Make the contests more frequent than every 3 months, say every 2 months.
At more frequent intervals people will look in to see the topic and maybe participate. More traffic for the site.
At shorter duration, there's more interest because you may hear results and be able to cook the contending dishes in the season when & for which they were developed.
If staff time to review entries and test finalists is an issue, handle it by putting a cap on # of entries, rather than extending the duration of each contest with no limit on # of entries.
Over to you.
Joanna S. January 18, 2019
Hi Nancy!
We would honestly love to have the contests more frequently, but they require a lot of resources from the small team that works on them. We've decided to do them quarterly in order to execute them to the best our ability. I do appreciate your suggestion, and will certainly take it into consideration moving forward!
Miss_Karen January 17, 2019
Regardless of whether it's part of a contest or not, it is encouraging to whomever submitted a recipe to SEE how many people saved it. I think it helps others to decide if they are going to try said recipe (or not.) Simply by saving it indicates interest few people take the time to WRITE (anything) any more. The 'happy dance' is your prize? Where's the incentive in that?
BerryBaby January 17, 2019
I agree! One day the feature was there and then it vanished.
I get notices that members are saving my recipes, which is wonderful. I, too, miss the running total. What was the reason for removing it?
creamtea January 20, 2019
I agree, Karen and BB. I loved seeing how many saves there were on my recipes. The tally was a great feature both for those who submitted recipes and those considering whether to try one out.
creamtea January 17, 2019
If you read the "fine print" section, paragraph 2, it appears as if winning recipes become "publicity materials", which then become the property of F52, unlike previous assurances that our recipes are our own. So you may want to hold off on the happy dance (?). So you may want to think twice about treasured recipes.
Not sure how this affects bloggers or those who want to publish their recipes elsewhere. Also, not sure if it's retroactive.
Ella Q. January 17, 2019
Hi Pat, thanks so much for your feedback. We recently changed the number of contests per year (and, accordingly, the timeline for entry) to add some additional time on our end for thoughtfully and thoroughly processing and testing the entries, which takes longer than it seems :). We’re actually hoping this longer submission period will encourage even *more* entries (fingers crossed!). We also encourage community members to test the various submissions along the way, rate the recipes, and post feedback in the comment sections. As for the determination of the winner, those terms are unchanged from last year’s contests. Contests are still a meaningful part of our community, and we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we refine them in ways that keep their original spirit intact. Thank you again for your note, and please let me know of any other questions!
inpatskitchen January 17, 2019
Thanks for your response Ella but I think you're missing my point. I see rules popping up that were never presented to us before (ex: 25% rule) even though you say it was there last year (where???) If these contests are just for a "happy dance" why shouldn't the whole community be able to participate, not just US citizens? Little things like this make me feel more and more distant (and I don't want to!)
Nancy January 17, 2019
Saw requirement that ingredients be in common US measures & NOT include any ingredient illegal in USA.
But nothing about citizenship.
If yes, where?
inpatskitchen January 17, 2019
Sorry Nancy...I meant to say "US residents" found in contest rule #9.
Nancy January 17, 2019
Thanks for correction to US residents.
I've seen this wording in other contests and think it comes from state or national regulations.
BerryBaby January 17, 2019
Happy to see the Rules have been updated.
I have a question about Number 3. It states they take into consideration which recipes have been 'favorite' as part of the judging.
How do you know? It no longer shows up on our recipes. I use to so enjoy seeing how many favored one of my recipes.
And, shouldn't comments be taken into consideration? Positive feedback is proof the recipe is enjoyed.
creamtea January 16, 2019
Yep, noticed that too......
and the "happy dance" part drives home the point.
boulangere January 16, 2019
I'm with you, Pat. When I saw 45 days, I wondered who would care about the contest after about 14 of them.
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