Is it just me or have we been voting on "The Best Thing You Ate This Year" contest been going on for too long?



lakelurelady January 15, 2016
I just signed up to test a recipe and the email said it had to be tested and rated by tomorrow Sat. 16th. That is not what the testing site said. It was to be tested by Tues. Jan. 19th. I am confused and had to decline testing. Sorry.
Caroline L. January 15, 2016
hi lakelurelady, the testing notes are in fact due 1/19! we hope you'll reconsider testing.
Caroline L. January 15, 2016
and apologies for the confusion with the email!
LeBec F. January 15, 2016
wow pat, you must hang out with the right people! you get a snap snap answer to your question, and I'm still waiting for someone to explain to me about the Community Picks timing and nomenclature- that I asked a week ago...........!
inpatskitchen January 15, 2016
I think there must be a glitch in the system...this has happened before and I'm sure the techs will get it straightened out soon.
Caroline L. January 15, 2016
hi there le bec fin—i'm sorry your last message slipped past! i've just answered it. i hope it helps!
Donna January 15, 2016
I was wondering about that too. We don't usually have two contests running simultaneously...
inpatskitchen January 15, 2016
sorry..."has the voting been going on for too long"?
Caroline L. January 15, 2016
you're right, pat! stay tuned for the winner later today :)
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