Purchased Steamed Buns OK?

I've seen a lot of recipes that suggest purchasing pre-made steamed buns. I have had mixed success with my homemade buns - so I thought I'd try the pre-made but I have to go a ways to find an Asian market. Has anyone tried the pre-made buns (frozen) and are they any good? Thanks.



alienor July 7, 2012
i live about 2-3 hours away from a chinese community. so when i go into the big city i always go to a dim sum place and buy one dozen steamed buns. when i get home i put them in the freezer and enjoy them. trouble is we always finish the stash before it is time to make a return trip. but, to answer your question it is a good way to have your buns and eat them
Nozlee S. July 6, 2012
Steamed buns fall in the category of prepared foods that it's totally okay to buy, like ketchup and Hellmann's mayonnaise and hamburger buns.

Making them yourself sometimes is a fun project, but the storebought product is totally comparable in quality. I know many Asian families that always buy the storebought product, which makes me feel better about doing it myself!
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