Favorite just-home-from-vacation dinner?

Halfway home from a great vacation and wondering what people's favorite/go-to "we're home" dinners are. Ours is usually homemade mac and cheese but it's literally 102 where we call home so I was just wondering what other people's usual just-home supper is.



MTMitchell July 7, 2012
All great ideas. I am totally stealing the idea of putting something comforting like stew or casserole in the freezer for our "re-entry" after our winter/holiday vacation. I had two intentions last night -- one was breakfast for dinner and the other was spaghetti with garlic and olive oil. What happened was pizza delivery. The 2+ hour trip home from the airport (amazing how big of a back up a fender-bender can cause...) in 100+ degree weather sapped my will to do anything but open the door and open a bottle of wine.
Bill F. July 6, 2012
My family has been going to the Jersey shore for years. And every time before we get home we stop at a rest area along the PA turnpike and get Roy Rogers fried chicken. And to this day I still take my family when we get home. Love this tradition, we are leaving for the shore tomorrow. Not looking forward to coming home but there is always the chicken!
Judith21 July 6, 2012
Depends on the season for me too. After Christmas we often go to Florida to escape the brutal Nebraska winter for a few days. I try to save some Boeuf Bourguignon from Christmas dinner in the freezer for the first night home. it makes re-entry into winter a little easier. For a summer vacation, pasta with olives, tomatoes and fresh basil.
petitbleu July 6, 2012
A rice bowl with whatever random veggies are around and an egg on top (furikake is nice, too, if you have it).
Bevi July 6, 2012
A great salad with all sorts of surprises. When I recently stayed at a fellow food52er's house, we put together the most delicious salad with a creamy avocado dressing. Delish!
ChefJune July 6, 2012
Scrambled eggs came immediately to mind. Or a grilled veggie sandwich.
kbckitchen July 6, 2012
Breakfast for dinner. Yummy fast and comforting

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Pecan-Ann July 6, 2012
I call in a pizza so it arrives home when we do!
dymnyno July 6, 2012
Depends on the season...If it's after a Christmas to New Years vacation, I usually have a turkey pot pie in the freezer which I pop into the oven. During the Summer, I usually have a Greek casserole to throw into the oven from the freezer. If I have time to shop before finishing the drive up the mountain, then I make a great salad.
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