Birthday cake ideas that are niether chocolate nor fruit.

I thought of tres leches, but beyond that, I'm drawing a blank. I do want to make a cake and not another kind of dessert. Any thoughts?



Hilarybee July 8, 2012
creamtea July 8, 2012
oops, here's the link:
creamtea July 8, 2012
You can start with sdebrango's fabulous Tender Yellow Cake as a base, and frost as you like, with vanilla, caramel, coffee-toffee or other icing...
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 8, 2012
strawberry shortcake. have fun!
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 8, 2012
oops fruit, my bad.
Sam1148 July 8, 2012
I went to birthday tonight and they used those "joke" candles. That would relight after trying to blow them out---all fine and well good fun. But be warned. Even when you have those things 'out' they can relight after you take them out---so put them in some water.
vvvanessa July 8, 2012
Thanks for all the great ideas, everyone. The cake is for a mixed crowd of kids and adults, though probably it will be mostly adults eating it. Now I have the opposite problem and have to decide which to make!
Kukla July 8, 2012
May be I am not too modest, but you can take a look at my cake: “Smetannik” (Russian cake with sour cream frosting). I made this cake a month ago for a friends’ birthday party and all the guests loved it. I even posted new photos of the cake which were taking at the party.
ATG117 July 7, 2012
I love almond cakes:

You can also make any type of white or yellow cake with a frosting of your choice--cream cheese, cinnamon, and caramel come to mind. Red velvet and coconut (Ina Garten has a good one) are other alternatives.

Or what about an olive oil or polenta cake? This olive oil rendition looks beautiful:
Just leave out the orange zest, since you don't want fruity. You can sub regular OJ for the blood orange juice called for. This, in my mind, wouldn't make it a fruity cake; you shouldn't be able to detect it much.

For a polenta cake:

Would a coffee cake fit the bill? I generally don't think of it as party food, but I love anything with a crumb topping.
petitbleu July 7, 2012
Pound cake all the way. With ice cream? None better.
ATL July 7, 2012
You don't say whether this is for adults or children. Might make a difference on responses.
Sam1148 July 7, 2012
How about a Baked Alaska? And use sparklers instead of Candles. (light them with a blow torch after it comes out of the oven). But then again you can't blow out sparklers.
SeaJambon July 8, 2012
I love it -- just know that sparklers indoors will set off your smoke detectors/sprinklers (don't ask how I know: it was a long time ago, in college, New Year's Eve and that's all I'm saying!)
nutcakes July 7, 2012
Coconut and lemon party cake? Dorrie Greenspan said this is the ultimate party cake. You can omit the raspberry preserves if it breaks you rules
Sam1148 July 7, 2012
For the love of God, don't google search 'lemon party'.
vvvanessa July 8, 2012
Lemon party. Who knew?
creamtea July 8, 2012
lemonparty. ew.
nutcakes July 8, 2012
Sorry for the bad link--here it is and it is called Coconut Raspberry Layer Cake, but you can omit the Raspberry preserves and just use the (fantastic) lemon buttercream.

Go to Nick's website, click recipes then find the cake as named above.

Lemon party. oh my.
nutcakes July 8, 2012
Here is Dorries version of the cake, with lucious pictures.
sdebrango July 7, 2012
What about an angel food cake with a flavored whipped cream or ice cream.
sdebrango July 7, 2012
Carrot cake, it's a vegetable not a fruit! Cream cheese icing.
Gibson2011 July 7, 2012
You could do a caramel cake, almond cake, spice cake, or a maple pecan cake. Just some ideas.
vvvanessa July 8, 2012
Ooh. Or maybe some combination thereof!
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