christmas fruit cake

unable to find orange peel and dried cherries in stores? can you recommend any particular places.I want to make Christmas fruit cake. Thanks.

Devangi Raval


Devangi R. December 9, 2013
Thanks Folks, I will check what I want to do. Either make a trip to Chelsea market which is not difficult or order it online.But, I am surely not planning to make it at home because I do not have time.
petitbleu December 8, 2013
I really like for stuff like this. They generally have things like this at a competitive price, and they ship really fast. You can get candied lemon and orange peel through them.
Franziska December 8, 2013
The dried cherries are easily substituted with i.e. dried cranberries (or whatever other dried fruit your heart desires). Re the orange peel, I often find that the store-bought orange peel can taste a bit off at times, which is why I use homemade candied orange peel for fruit cakes, stollen and the like. Give it a go, it is really worth the extra effort.
This recipe from Poires au Chocolat works great:
QueenSashy December 8, 2013
They have them at Buon Italia, at the Chelsea Market if you are willing to make the trip.
jamcook December 7, 2013
King Arthur Flour Bakers Catalogue
Laura December 7, 2013
I have good luck with or You could also make your own candied orange peel: or : )
nancy E. December 7, 2013
I have found that the fruit in a fruitcake is very interchangeable. No cherries? Use cranberries or blueberries. No Candied orange peel, use fresh, just zest it smaller. Fruit cakes are lovely that way
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