Single-Handed Salt and Pepper Mills

In need of a non-battery, single handed salt and pepper mill set, that's NOT made by Chef'N. I'm on my 3rd or 4th pepper ball - I can never get them clean, and I've broken at least two. I tried a table-top set by the same company, and I'm not any happier with them after a year. Any suggestions?



Scoobs January 5, 2013
Bevi is right and thanks for the post as I've been searching for that grinder. It took years but I finally wore mine out. It's not high volume. I use an electric coffee grinder for large batches and for rough cracked pepper. The aroma from the violent coffee mill grinding is incredible.
Diana B. July 9, 2012
The only Mr. Dudleys I see are not able to be operated single-handedly.
Cannizzo July 8, 2012
Every time my kids come over I have to stop them from stealing my pepper mill it's a. Mr. Dudly I have had it for twenty years it's the one I use for cooking it's a tall wooden one and it's never done me wrong in fact I went on line and finally found them order two hope they are as good so I could stop checking they're pockets when they leave my house
Bevi July 8, 2012
I love them! Enjoy! I have had my set forever
Melusine July 8, 2012
Thank you so much! I just ordered a set -- they look terrific.
Bevi July 8, 2012
I use the Unicorn Mills salt and pepper guns and I love them. They come in the colors white, black, and red.
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