Dried Milk Powder - Do you think I can just leave it out? Or substitute regular or maybe evaporated milk?

In the most recent Bon Appetit magazine, there's a recipe for Momofuku's (in NYC) Crack Pie. I really want to make one to surprise my son, who is returning home in a couple of days and loves it. However, the filling calls for 1 Tblsp of dried milk powder....sounds simple, right? Problem is, my local store only carries it in giant (hence, expensive) boxes, with like 100X the amount I need - and I really never use it for anything else.

  • Posted by: amysarah
  • September 9, 2010


skittle February 12, 2012
I have made the confetti cookies from the milk book. If you invest in the book, the purchase of the powder is worth it. Though I've found there's a lot of stuff in the book that seems really complex.
agamom February 10, 2012
I have used coffee creamer (equal to amount called for in the recipe for dry milk powder & it has worked well.
janixes January 8, 2012
You've probably already ordered it online, but what Christina Tosi says about milk powder is that, to her, it works like MSG in baking, it lifts the recipes, that's all
nutcakes November 24, 2011
The recipe printed in the LA Times differes a bit from the one printedin Bon Appetite/Epicurious website. One of the main defferences is that it makees pie for 2 and that it uses a lot more milk powder for each pie. You might want to try it.

Here is the write up which claims that he milk powder gives the filling body:

And for the extra powdered milk, my mother likes those International Coffee mixes in the winter, so I will make up a vew varities. You can jive jars of them for gifts to people who like that, with the recipe on a tag. Let me know if you need help finding ones.
petitbleu November 24, 2011
You could use leftover milk powder in making yogurt. In yogurt, adding the powder helps to thicken it. Of course, if you have really high-quality, high-fat milk, you won't need to thicken it ;)
Chris D. March 13, 2011
The milk powder is also an ingredient for the steamed pork buns :)
gr8chefmb March 1, 2011
For those who are looking for small quantities of dried milk, try King Arthur Flour [http://search.kingarthurflour.com/search.jsp?N=0&rt=p&Ntt=dried+milk]. Really, having dried milk on hand is a great idea for emergency situations such as power outage as well as giving extra flavour to baked goods, mashed potatoes, etc. Just saying.... :-)
chefcarla February 17, 2011
Here's the link to the Momofuku chocolate malt cake. It's worth every pot and pan you have to wash minute. http://www.epicurious.com/tools/searchresults?search=momofuku+chocolate+malt+cake

I adapted the recipe to make brownies. To make things easier, instead of the milk crumbs I used crushed whoppers. It worked!
abbyarnold February 16, 2011
I made the Crack Pie last year when the LA Times ran the recipe. My friends are STILL talking about it. Definitely worth making! I'll try to find the recipe and post it for connie and others.
yvonne_cdeg January 25, 2011
thirschfeld Hi ! Thank you for answering Connie_reuter; I will look into Epicurious for those recipes to. Thank you very much.
Bevi November 4, 2010
Here is a link to the Martha Stewart video and Chef Tosi lists the ingredients as she makes the pie:

thirschfeld November 4, 2010
The Epicrious app on the iPhone has it. It is Bsolutely worth making as well as the blueberry and cream cookies and the chocolate malt cake. Try Epicurious.com
connie_reuter-_paluch November 4, 2010
I would like to know where I can get this recipe after this late date?
chefcarla October 18, 2010
I made the chocolate-malt cake from Momofuku a few weeks ago in which you had to make "milk crumbs" using the dried milk powder. I had to buy the big box of dried milk, so now I have plenty of dried milk to make the crack pie as well. The recipe for the cake was in the same issue of Bon App and it was one of the best cakes I've ever made. Really original. If you loved the pie, make the cake as well.
Cookie16 February 12, 2012
You should mail some to amysarah :)
Bevi September 28, 2010
Those crack pies are addictive. I agree that Chef Tosi would not leave out the milk powder, though!
amysarah September 10, 2010
Thanks everyone for the answers....my local market didn't have King Arthur's smaller quantity package. Looks like I'll need to trek to Whole Foods. This pie truly is worth it though - its name is well deserved. Thanks all again!
Merrill S. September 10, 2010
Just got this tweet from King Arthur Flour: "We have 16 oz. Bakers Special Dry milk and 8 oz. Whole milk packages. Enjoy!"
Kitchen B. September 9, 2010
I would stick to the dry powder. I'm smiling because after looking in 5 supermarkets, I finally found a tin of dried milk powder......to make this pie this weekend. I'm making mini versions!
thirschfeld September 9, 2010
whole foods had smaller amounts in the baking department but I think Savorykitchen is right in her answer.
sygyzy September 9, 2010
Also check out King Arthur Flour company for (possibly) smaller package sizes. Dry milk powder does come up from time to time in recipes, especially baked goods (bread).
Savorykitchen September 9, 2010
you might try whole foods or a health food store to see if they carry it in bulk. I do think you need it though as I don't think Chef Tosi would add it if it wasn't needed. I would not sub in liquid dairy, it's not the same thing and your filling may be too soft. I would leave it out rather than sub in liquid.

If you have to buy a ton of it, perhaps you can donate the remainder to a shelter.
Kitty L. June 19, 2016
Most shelters, etc, will not accept any partial packages of anything, to prevent the possibility of some idiot messing with it.

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phyllis September 9, 2010
This is from answers.com:

if your recipe calls for (like mine do) 1 TBSP d.m.p. and then later on in the recipe it calls for 3/4 Cup of water...just put in 3/4 Cup milk. the only reason the water is in there is to mix with the d.m.p to make milk. some recipes use dry milk powder because it may be on a delay timer (as in bread recipes) and if the milk sits out too long, it will get bad. but if you are making the bread (or whatever) right away, just use milk for the amount of water listed.
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