Replace milk with coconut milk in bread pudding?

Hoping you can help me! I'm making my greatgrandmother's bread pudding for TG and it calls for 1 1/2 loaves baker's bread, 1/2 lb butter, 8 eggs, 2 qts milk, 3/4 c sugar (plus spices, etc). It is also served with a floradora sauce so I'm trying to reduce the dairy load in the pudding itself. I bought the light coconut milk (no gums) from TJs since I'm replacing reg milk not cream. The pudding bakes in pan of water at 225 all day. My question is, should I replace the milk ounce-for-ounce with the light coconut milk? It's still thicker than reg milk so wasn't sure. Also want to make sure it'll set up properly. I've never used coconut milk to make custard-type recipes and I only get one shot at this! Thanks in advance!!



Yianna November 26, 2014
That sounds absolutely beautiful to be honest! coconut bread delish. If you're worried about the thickness you could always lighten the coconut milk up a bit with almond milk or even water :)
Susan W. November 25, 2014
Wow!! Love the sounds of that recipe. I think TJs light will work well and I'm happy you are going with a canned CM and not the stuff in the carton.

Since you need so much if it, you should know that light cm is just full fat with water added. I say that in case you find full fat at a good price, although I think TJ sells their light cm for 99¢. At least they used to.
LysiaLoves November 26, 2014
Ha, I chose theirs because of the price! And the lack of gum. The full fat without gum was ~3x the price. And this recipe, esp with the floradora, is plenty rich already! Thanks!
Merrill S. November 25, 2014
Here is a thread that might be helpful: You can replace the milk 1-for-1 with coconut milk, but be aware that the coconut flavor will cook out (which may be a good thing!).
LysiaLoves November 26, 2014
Thanks! We're gonna give it a try!
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