Has anyone ever replaced their Cuisenart cord?

Where did you order it? Was it difficult? Do you recommend having it repaired by a professional?



JenniferF July 15, 2012
Thank you. This is helpful. The issue is with the cord itself. It was left close to the stove and melted quite badly. I know longer trust its safety.
Sam1148 July 15, 2012
Should be a easy replace. Unless you meet with weird screws to open up the base.
Look at that first. If you have weird hexnut screws...consult your local computer geek who probably has a tool kit of all kinda of screw driver weirdness in their tool bag.
Sometimes there's little 'snap tabs" on things that need a flathead screw driver to insert into a slot to free them and pry off the bottom. Depends on what you see and find.
Then a trip to a hardware store to get a generic replacement cord...preferable one with the plug already factory form at the plug..and the ends ready to screw into place.

Sam1148 July 15, 2012
Replacing a power cord is pretty simple. If you have the right tools to open the base and remove the old one. You can just get generic power cords and save the grommets if you can. Some appliances have pretty tricky screws with specialized hex nuts, star nuts, etc instead of standard screws.

One thing you can do is open it up and see if the failure is at base, or if it's on the plug.
If at the base: you can cut the cord a couple of inches..and sand/clean the connections at the base.
If at the plug..same thing but replace the plug. Plug replacements are easily found at hardware stores.
You really won't know until you open it up...unless it's the plug. Then you pretty much know to attach a new plug. Most failures are at the plug end.
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