Are peanuts fruits/vegetables.

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Maedl July 17, 2012
Peanuts are legumes and are part of the bean family, Fabaceae. It's a New World crop, and like tomatoes, squash, and other beans, eventually traveled to Africa and other destinations.
ChefOno July 16, 2012

Culinarily speaking, like me, they're nuts. The part we eat is actually a seed.


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amysarah July 16, 2012
They're legumes - like beans and lentils.
Pegeen July 16, 2012
I think they're legumes. (That may be the first time I've gotten to use that word with a straight face.)
Ophelia July 16, 2012
It's a fruit. But in terms of where it fits into one's diet, peanuts are a fat and a protein rather than a fruit/vegetable.
HalfPint July 16, 2012
It's technically a fruit.
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