jarred anchovies

How long are anchovies good for once jar is opened and stored in fridge?

Debbie White


bigpan July 23, 2012
Always buy the best quality (usually in a glass jar - never in a tin can), keep covered in oil, and keep in the fridge for a couple years ... but I don't know why because you will eat them all within a month or two.
pierino July 23, 2012
Pretty much eternity. If the bomb goes off you will be glad they are there along with your salt cod.
Reiney July 23, 2012
I've kept those in the fridge for *ages* - well over a year (and I wouldn't have been surprised if it ended up being close to 2 - I bought a very, very large jar).

As long as you're not storing in the tin and they're submerged in oil, I'd say you're good for a long time.
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