Storing anchovies

Question for the food52 hive mind- how do you store an open jar of anchovies? I assume in the fridge. But then the oil the anchovies is stored in congeals - and if I just want to eat one anchovy at a time, should I let the whole jar of anchovies and oil melt at room temperature only to take just one out, and put the whole jar back in the fridge repeatedly?



Nancy April 13, 2019
GirlfromIpanema - there are some ideas here (and doubtless elsew here) giving ideas for saving small bits of food (tomato sauce, specialty milk, fresh herbs) in the freezer in ice cube trays, for easy use as needed. Don't see why you couldn't apply that (in the fridge, this time) to your anchovies. At first I thought of covering the tray with some kind of food wrap, then remembered there are these deluxe ice trays with lids...perfect for your little fish, each in it's own half teaspoon of oil. Enjoy!
Girlfromipanema April 14, 2019
That's not a bad idea, actually. Going to look for some ice cube trays right now!
Gammy April 13, 2019
Don't think I would let the whole jar come to room temperature repeatedly. What about removing that one anchovy, scrape the bulk of the congealed oil back into the jar and back into the fridge it goes, still cold? You could then let that lonely little fish come to room temp. so the rest of the oil would slide off, or run it under warm water if necessary and pat dry.
Girlfromipanema April 13, 2019
Ha, that lonely little fish. Yes, I think that probably makes the most logical sense! Thank you.
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