Vegan pate brisee or pizza dough recipe.

I need a vegan pate brisee recipe, please. Preferably something simple as I am pastry challenged. Also something that doesn't invoke a 5 store scavenger hunt for ingredients. Thanks!

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Third F. July 24, 2012
Here's a link for a vegan pâte brisée crust used in a cherry pie. I haven't tried it, but the website is pretty reliable in it's recipe testing.
Third F. July 24, 2012
Sorry, I forgot the link:
pierino July 24, 2012
Pizza dough is easy. The pate brisee without butter though is going to be the hard one.
susan G. July 24, 2012
Most pizza doughs are made from flour, water, salt, yeast... no problems there.
ellenu July 24, 2012
I like Jim Lahey's no-knead pizza dough recipe on this site.
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