Easy Malaysian side dish/app?

Having friends over for dinner this weekend, one of whom is vegan. Thinking of slightly adapting Ottolenghi's mee goreng recipe to make it 100% vegan. I am looking for a simple, preferably make-ahead Malaysian and vegan side dish or appetizer to make the meal more complete. I am utterly unfamiliar with this cuisine (though I have made the mee goreng recipe before and liked it quite a lot) and need suggestions! Coming up with a vegan menu is a bit of a challenge for me but I also enjoy the challenge! Thanks in advance.

Kristen W.


Kristen W. November 13, 2014
Thanks very much for all the great ideas. The fresh veg/Asian cracker/pickled veg idea was just what I was looking for -- tasty, authentic, make ahead and EASY! Found a recipe for Malaysian spicy pickled vegetables that looks great, went to the Asian market today for the ingredients. Our friends are taking care of dessert, so though the suggestions are great, I'm covered there. Thanks again!
foofaraw November 17, 2014
You're welcome! =D
foofaraw November 13, 2014
Mee goreng is normally a complete meal on its own. But, you can put slices of fresh cucumber, tomato, lettuce, crispy shallots, and lime on the side; krupuk udang (savory shrimp fried cracker - if you can find it in Asian market, or any Asian savory cracker), sambal, sweet soy sauce, and also Malaysian pickled vegetables. Those would be plenty sides!

If you want to make it more ommph, I would add a Malaysian dessert after the dinner, such as Pandan Chiffon Cake that uses relatively familiar technique. There are two recipes in food52, but I haven't tried any. You can also google the recipe too.

*If you can find sweet soy sauce, you should be able to find pandan flavoring (easier) or pandan leaves (tastier) in that shop.
foofaraw November 13, 2014
Forgot she is a vegan. For dessert, it can be 'malaysian banana fritters', or 'mung bean soup', 'black gelatinous rice pudding', or 'sago pudding'. All those only requires 1 pot.
Nancy November 12, 2014
soup as first course. Vegetarian Curry Mee (flavor profile similar to Thai curry or chicken soup). Can also beef it up (sorry about pun) with tofu, mushroom, seitan (wheat protein). http://trenklea01.wordpress.com/2013/06/01/vegetarian-curry-mee-laksa/
Nancy November 12, 2014
Oops! Just read the Ottolenghi mee goreng recipe...it's too close to the soup. Save Vegetarian Curry Mee for another day.
jilhil November 12, 2014
Wikipedia says street vendors commonly serve it with Nasi Goreng. But, instead of that you might want to go for a hearty appetizer, then serve fresh fruit for dessert. The internet has recipes for vegan potstickers and vegan lettuce wraps, which are both fun ways to start a meal. Either way your vegan friend will love you for serving such a delicious main course.
Kristen W. November 11, 2014
Here is a link to the mee goreng recipe, in case it's helpful: http://www.ottolenghi.co.uk/mee-goreng-sho
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