What types of late summer fruit can I preserve in booze?

I had my heart set on canning boozy cherries and saving them until December to use as holiday gifts -- but they're no longer at the market. What other types of late summer fruit would be good to preserve in booze (and, while we're at it, what booze would be good)?

Brette Warshaw


AntoniaJames July 27, 2012
Figs in port + brandy + a few anise seeds. And peaches in brandy + Slivovitz. (Slivovitz is just about every fruit's best friend when making preserves.) Incidentally, I got the very last cherries on the last day that they were available, for precisely this purpose -- putting into jars with brandy. I like to add a few dark raisins for the subtle flavor they add, as well as a vanilla bean, which I then re-use, once the fruit has been eaten, to scent vanilla sugar. (It's amazing.) For any fruit I put up in booze, I save the syrup until spring and summer, to use in spritzers or slightly boozey Friday afternoon slushies, made with frozen homemade almond milk (sort of a first cousin to Amanda's almond ice with cherries). I also paint the syrup generously on cream scones, a few minutes before they're done cooking. Mmmmm. ;o)
ATL July 26, 2012
Peaches in brandy are sensational.
kimhw July 25, 2012
Any stone fruit halved with vodka! Plums are my favorite.
A really crisp apple in brandy.
Summer O. July 25, 2012
Cherries, I always brandy some cherries to put in French 75s later in the year. They are good on ice cream too.
HalfPint July 25, 2012
Nice, but pricey.
Greenstuff July 25, 2012
Very true--I almost included that point myself!
Greenstuff July 25, 2012
Prunes in armagnac are the best!
HalfPint July 25, 2012
I've always liked rum and berries liqueur (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry). I just through them into a bottle with some rum and sugar, then leave in a cabinet. You can even do this with frozen berries. It's a recipe that's in Preserved by Nick Sandler & Johnny Acton.
HalfPint July 25, 2012
Sorry that should be "throw" not "through".
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