Hello, I am one of the many lucky recipients of the Food 52 emails. On 6/14/12 (I believe that's the date) you sent out a special offer for Freekeh. I did not take advantage of the offer at that time and I would like to purchase at this time. However, it appears that the Food 52 offer is over. My question is, do you know where I could purchase Freekeh in Southern California? The Freekeh website says it is carried at Whole Foods, but none of the Whole Foods in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or West L.A. carry this item. Any assistance you can provide me with respect to where I can purchase it is greatly appreciated. I emailed the rep in New Jersey,however they never got back to me. Thank you so much for your assistance. Carol Abrams (email address: [email protected]) P.S., I am LOVING your Food 52 and Food Digest emails!!

Carol Abrams


cdilaura July 27, 2012
Unfortunately the special FOOD52 offer is over, but you can buy directly from freekehlicious. Thanks drbabs for sharing the URL!
drbabs July 27, 2012
Hi Carol. I bought it and am loving it. Here's the website:

I think you can order it on line. They also have a Facebook page where you can post questions. Enjoy!
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