Where did the kombucha offer go? Sent a query but never heard back. I would love to order one. Any info appreciated.

Details on how to order directly if your offer has expired.

  • Posted by: Sarag
  • September 4, 2012


Sarag September 4, 2012
Thanks! I did get a kombucha mother from a friend, and kept up with production for about six months before passing it on to someone more enthusiastic. This was going to be a gift for my brother and so I thought "legit" would be more giftly. I did check out the website....wish the price was as sweet as the special offer. Too bad I delayed in ordering.
petitbleu September 4, 2012
OR ask around your community for a kombucha mother. Anyone who brews their own kombucha will have an abundance of mothers, and they will most likely be happy to give you one. That's how I got started four years ago (a Craigslist kombucha mother giveaway), and she's still going strong!
Also, don't be tempted by offers that include cute-looking jars--all you need is a kombucha mother and a little bit of starter kombucha, a simple glass jar, a piece of cloth and a rubber band to cover the top of the jar, some tea leaves, and sugar. I've seen several kombucha-brewing sets for sale lately, and they're all overpriced considering how simple and frugal kombucha really is.
At most, you'll need to get some Grolsch-style bottles to bottle your kombucha for its secondary fermentation phase, but some people even forego this step.
Hope this helps!
cdilaura September 4, 2012
Unfortunately the promotion with Kombucha has ended in the Food52 Shop, but you are still able to order the kits from Kombucha Brooklyn directly. Here's a link to their online shop. Happy brewing! http://shop.kombuchabrooklyn.com/
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