Has anyone noticed on the Whole Foods Market Cooking website, nutritional values listed for recipes recently, powered by Edamam? I went to the site and many Food 52 recipes are also there. Could this become a new feature for Food52?



Linn October 7, 2012
Yes, I checked the site out too and calories do seem to listed by recipe instead of by serving. Wonder if the listing really is a glitch or if listing calories by recipe is intentional?
Kristen M. October 6, 2012
Glad you like it -- we'll keep the suggestion in mind!
inpatskitchen October 7, 2012
There are a few glitches that I think the site needs to work on though...for example sometimes they seem to give calorie counts and nutritional values for an entire recipe instead of "per serving" as they list. Hopefully they'll work it out!
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