Soft-shell crabs have just become available here, so I'm looking for some thoughts on what to do with them. However, they are frozen (coming from Kenya, apparently), so I'm thinking that the most subtle of recipes might not be the best. Thaw first, or cook frozen?

  • Posted by: innoabrd
  • November 21, 2010


pierino November 21, 2010
As boociebear suggests the lightest possible handling is best. It's unfortunate that you have to buy them frozen but it's better than nothing. Pan fried in a light batter and maybe some piri piri as a table condiment.
boociebear November 21, 2010
The soft shell blue crab we use on the east coast of USA is usually just de-gilled and simply dusted with a little flour and pan fried. The whole point being the fun of eating the crab shell and all.
I'm thinking that even if thawed, a frozen crab is going to turn into a splattery watery mess when cooked this way.

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