What would be the best way to cook a frozen tuna steak?

Also should I cook from frozen or thaw for 2-3 hours first.
I can use one of the following:-
Use a contact grill and cook with mushrooms and onions, similar to cooking a meat steak
Oven or microwave in a tomato-based cook in sauce
Wrap in foil and oven-bake?



MMH February 28, 2022
I would defrost in the fridge until completely thawed. Then, sear on the grill until just seared on the outside but medium rare on the inside. Alton Brown has a great recipe for this using a charcoal chimney. Cook the onions & mushrooms separately as they throw off so much water.
Nancy February 27, 2022
Here's a link to various ways to thaw.
I would favor cooking on the grill or wrapped in foil with the mushrooms and onions (I think they enhance but don't cover the tuna flavor).
But if you prefer the tuna-with-tomato, go for that.
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