Hydroponically Grown Basil - How can I keep it going?

Just bought a sleeve of hydroponically grown basil. Is there some way that I can keep it producing?

  • Posted by: JanetFL
  • August 12, 2012


Greenstuff August 13, 2012
It doesn't always work, but often enough, as Nozlee said, field-grown basil will take root in a glass of water and last far longer than it otherwise would. Cut off some from the bottom, stick it in water, and wait. Your hydroponic basil should already have roots, so you're ahead of the game.
JanetFL August 13, 2012
Greenstuff, thanks for the information. My basil does have roots so I'm good to go!
Nozlee S. August 13, 2012
If you soak a basil stem in water, it will start to produce roots. Then you can plant that root into soil and the basil will continue to grow!
JanetFL August 13, 2012
Thank you, Nozlee - I will give it a try!
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