How long can I infuse purple basil in distilled vinegar before straining it?

I want to make Christmas gifts of distilled vinegar with purple basil from my garden. Can I keep the infusion going for 3 and a half months before straining it, and then repackaging it in glass bottles with a cork stopper? Is it alright that my gallon stock bottle is plastic? I did not boil the distilled vinegar before adding the purple basil, it is being stored in a dark cupboard, and I am shaking the stock bottle everyday.

Deana Zamora
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1 Comment

702551 September 11, 2016
My approach is a bit different when I make herb vinegars. I stick the herbs in the final serving bottle, never to be taken out. This typically means buying bottles of white wine vinegar, pouring off a bit, pushing the herbs into the bottle, then topping off.

I can't point you to any scientific research that proves that storing vinegar in glass is safer than plastic (and I'm sure the plastics industry would tell you it's fine), however I avoid plastic as much as possible.

I use distilled white vinegar for household cleaning purposes (including adding some to my laundry), but I don't cook with it. That's just personal preference about how it tastes.

We don't know how much basil you are using so you should go by taste for your method rather than count days on a calendar.

Good luck.
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