Girls Night!

Hi there! I'm brand new to this site and one of the first things that peaked my interest was the homemade "sun-dried" tomatoes. Having sworn them off many years ago as a culinary disaster in my frozen lean cuisine, I want to give them a second look. I am hosting a girls night, the theme being cheese. How can I incorporate them in a creative way? I'm thinking bruschetta, topped with some yummy cheese? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. :)



Kristen W. August 18, 2012
Kind of similar to the sun-dried tomato butter idea would be a sun-dried tomato pesto. I could imagine a simple bruschetta with sun-dried tomato pesto, parm, and basil. Or a toasted sandwich with sun-dried tomato pesto as a spread, topped with roasted zucchini, fontina, and maybe a little prosciutto. Yum, now I want to eat that sandwich!
WiseCook22 August 18, 2012
Yes! Exactly what I'm looking for! Thank you Kristen and thank you to all the other answers. I will most definitely give em a try! ;)
mensaque August 18, 2012
You could bake some bread and use as filling along with mozzarela cheese.My mom has the easiest recipe ever,but be carefull,cause believe me, it will rise.We once ended up with doe all over the table and floor!Take 1 cup of oil(olive or soy),500ml(about 2 mugs),3 egges,1 tbs of salt and 1 of sugar,2 cubes of fresh yeast and blend them all together,then mix it in 2 pounds plus a cup of regular flour with an wooden spoon.Let it rise for two hours,put it on a greased pan and brush it with egg youlk.Sprinkle some parmesan on top and bake it on pre-heated oven,medium rise until you stick a tothpick in it and it comes out on a cake.About the filling:you can add it to the blender,or lay it between portions of doe.Have fun!
mensaque August 18, 2012
Made some mistakes up there:the mysterious 500ml = water.The weird ingredient "egges"=eggs.And last but not least...brush the dough with yolk!!!Not doe with youlk...If I only had a toothpick to remind me of reading my text before adding it!!!That made no sense...but I'm adding anyway!
sexyLAMBCHOPx August 18, 2012
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