Best recipes for fresh peaches? How about a chutney recipe too!



nutcakes August 23, 2012
Yes, and I just ordered the book for $4 on Amazon, so I will share when I get it in. That book has other greats, like a chicken and peach and mint stirfry. Suprising but good things in this little book. I used to borrow it from the Library, now that I remember.
nutcakes August 23, 2012
I am searching for Peaches and Honey Mustard from a book called Summer Fruit: A Country Garden Cookbook. Out of print I think but available used.

It is an excellent spread for turkey or ham sandwiches, but the book has a recipe for slathering it on a pork loin topped with bread crumbs.
BoulderGalinTokyo August 23, 2012
Mouth watering...
Diana B. August 23, 2012
Quite simply to die for:
WellFedWit August 22, 2012
Thank you! These are all wonderful! Now to decide which ones to make with my Palisade peaches...
AntoniaJames August 22, 2012
At our FOOD52 pickling and preserving potluck last month, we made stone fruit chutney from a book on preserves published by Williams-Sonoma. The recipe is also online: It calls for cherries, but if you cannot get them, just substitute firm plums, cut up into small pieces. (I've adapted the recipe that way and it works beautifully. Select just barely ripe plums for a nice tart counterpoint to the sweeter peaches.) This chutney is drop-dead gorgeous as well as being exceptionally tasty. ;o)
lorigoldsby August 22, 2012
If you put "peaches" in the search bar at the top of the page, you will get some of the most popular recipes ( including contest winners and community picks!).... If there is a cook you like, you can search their name, (eg I have 2 recipes with peaches, peche napoleons and DUMP cake)

When I put "peach chutney" in the search bar...there were 4 recipes. This one is from WinnieAB, she's a cook I trust and there were 2 comments from other cooks I follow..
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