What is a good way to use fresh peaches?



HalfPint August 27, 2015
I like to marinate or macerate in a sweet dessert wine like moscato or Sauternes and then serve with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream.
louisez August 27, 2015
Jam, fruit roll-ups, gelato, creamsicles, and everything everyone else said
PieceOfLayerCake August 27, 2015
What ISN'T? A fresh peach is a thing of absolute perfection, and my number one favorite fruit. I would just eat them out of hand but if you're looking to use them up I just did a light genoise sandwiching a bavarian cream chock full with fresh peaches. Sounds fancy, but was very simple and I topped if off with whipped cream and berries. Light and summery.
Jan W. August 27, 2015
I know its a cliche now - but in my view, the only way to upgrade near perfect peaches is to grill them. I would try using peaches in a cold soup like gazpacho, or just wrap them in thinly sliced prosciutto/jamon over some nice rocket with a splash of PX sherry vinegar. I've also heard of freezing ripe or overripe/blemished peaches and later using in granita or frozen cocktails.
702551 August 27, 2015
For me, ripe peaches are good enough on their own; during peach season they end up as the dessert course.

If I have too many (an infrequent occurrence), I occasionally make compote which lasts a while refrigerated (and can be frozen). I use peach (or apricot) compote as a condiment for pork, duck, and some fish.

If you are a baker, peach pie/tart/cobbler would all seem to be a good use of fresh fruit.

If I'm making salsa and there's a stray peach, sometimes I'll toss that in.
Stephanie August 27, 2015
Besides standing over the kitchen sink nibbling one?

I second the salad idea. Also, grilled peaches as a dessert (with mascarpone or ice cream and a bit of fresh mint) screams 'late summer bliss.'
scruz August 27, 2015
peach anything is wonderful, but, since it has been hot recently and i have been grilling so as to not use the oven, throwing them halved on the grill is divine. especially peaches that are not quite as sweet as they could be sweeten up with grilling. sometimes i lightly coat with olive oil and sometimes ground chili powder and lime. i have been using up my box from costco this way before they go bad.
Nancy August 27, 2015
peach melba (dessert with raspberries)
peach pie
whiskey peach smash
bellini...peach puree & champagne or prosecco. also this variation
Smaug August 27, 2015
Just made a peach upside down cake from Rick Bayless- desserts aren't really his thing but this one is good. The kicker is the lime zest in the topping- I made the cake with sour cream rather than yoghurt (which I can't stand). Should be easy to find on his web site. Just put some grilled peach ice cream into the freezer, hope it's as good as it sounded in the recipe.
ChefJune August 27, 2015
This Peach Cobbler https://food52.com/recipes/22956-maybe-the-world-s-best-peach-cobbler?from_feed=1 is my favorite way to use fresh peaches. And also fresh peach ice cream.
Judith P. August 27, 2015
My favorite for summers that are crazy with good peaches? Simply slice right off the pit (freestone makes it super cinchy) into a bowl; sprinkle with some sugar, add a couple drops of vanilla, and let them sit for a bit. Cover the bowl with a plate, refrigerate to chill; whip some cream; and enjoy one of my family's absolute favorite summer desserts. Alternatively, serve over madeleines that you've carefully cut in half lengthwise. Take that, shortcake!
Susan W. August 27, 2015
I haven't made this, but it looks good and I've made many things by her and they've all been good.
ameulensteen August 27, 2015
Peaches in salad! Cut 'em up with tomatoes and a burrata or mozzarella. Some olive oil, balsamic, basil and salt and pepper. Lovely!
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