Can you whip basil-infused cream since it's been heated?

I'd like to infuse cream with basil as you've done for the ice cream, cool it, and whip it for whipped cream topping. Will it still whip? Wouldn't lemon verbena be great, too?!!

Grandma Lu


caroline_kuhn August 22, 2012
The answer is yes! Take care that you chill the cream thoroughly (I'm talking at least 8 hours, or overnight) before you attempt to whip it. Additionally, pop your mixer bowl and whip attachment in the freezer for about 10 minutes before you start the whipping process. This should help you avoid a little frustration.

Speaking of lemon verbena, I have lemon verbena ice cream churning right now!
Grandma L. August 22, 2012
Perfect...thanks so much, Caroline. I'm off to pick some basil!
Cannizzo August 22, 2012
Lemon herbena it's just another herb so why not its flavor is stronger so I won't use as much
Grandma L. August 22, 2012
Thanks. I'd really like to know, though, if the cream will still whip after it's been heated.
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