@food52 @Food52Hotline can I poach eggs in chicken stock? Would it affect how they hold together?



Bill F. September 1, 2012
@boulongere (sp) that sounds freakin epic. I am going to the penn state game today and that's what I will be eating at my tail-gate.
boulangere September 2, 2012
I'd tailgate with you any time.
boulangere August 31, 2012
Tamar Adler says most poetically in An Everlasting Feast:

"Try poaching eggs directly in chicken broth. This is delicious if philosophically perplexing. Sauté a little garlic in olive oil in a pot, add chicken broth to it, then when it's hot, crack an egg or two into a cup each, and slide them into the broth. While the eggs are cooking, put a piece of toasted stale bread into the bottom of a bowl, then ladle egg and broth on top."

I'd take that for a resounding "yes."
Amanda H. August 30, 2012
Sure -- and they should hold together just fine.
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