Can I poach an egg using apple cider vinegar instead of regular or will this make the egg taste funny?



Rita K. July 20, 2016
I stopped using vinegar and now am adding baking soda to the water.
madeline July 20, 2016
Thanks so much!
klrcon July 18, 2016
I've done it with apple cider vinegar and it was fine - barely noticeable. But I do prefer distilled white vinegar when I have it around.
lilroseglow July 17, 2016
Skip the vinegar. Egg will poach fine without it.
PHIL July 17, 2016
You don't have to use any vinegar
Nancy July 17, 2016
For dosing the boiling water to make the poached eggs form more neatly I use whatever vinegar I have on hand.
Rarely leaves a taste but if yes it is usually faint, pleasant and doesn't conflict with other flavors.
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