Making black pasta with squid ink

Can i make black pasta by adding squid ink from the squid sold at my local fish market? Also what happens to the flavor?

  • Posted by: Hagerty
  • September 1, 2012


cec75 September 2, 2012
Yes and it tastes good
Hagerty September 2, 2012
Great, thanks.
pierino September 2, 2012
Yes, of course you can. You wil just need to squeeze the ink into your pasta well and work it in. This is similar to making a green spinach pasta. And if you are using fresh squid you can incorporate that into the dish once the pasta is made. The tricky thing is finding those ink sacks assuming there is anything left in them. It's easier though to purchase squid ink by it's ownself. Now if you can buy live squid.... well, they will be shooting ink in your face.
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