What is a good affordable rum to use for Black Cake?

Going to try to make Guyanese Black Cake for a friend who is getting married next year. I've got the recipes sorted. I need recommendation for a good but reasonably priced rum for the fruit part of the Black Cake. What brands are good and not too expensive. They say that the rum can make or break Black Cake and I don't want to choose unwisely. TIA :)

  • Posted by: HalfPint
  • September 19, 2019


Miss_Karen September 21, 2019
The only suggestion I have is that if you wouldn't drink it on it's own, don't cook with it.... This applys to any alcohol in any recipe. Guinness makes a chocolate stout that works great in chocolate cake recipes 😊 I know, this is beer not rum but I thought I'd give my 2 bits worth. Also something to consider do you really want leftover rum (etc) just sitting around in your house if you don't really drink it?
HalfPint September 24, 2019
The thing is I'm not a rum drinker. I actually don't drink alcohol all that much. So I'm asking rum drinkers out there, if there's a decent tasting rum that's reasonably priced that I can use for the Black Cake. Good rum is not exactly inexpensive. And the recipes for Black Cake uses quite a bit of rum ;)
AntoniaJames September 19, 2019
For years, I've used in my black cakes a spiced rum that's sold in plastic bottles at Trader Joe's, quite reasonably priced - and every one of my black cakes has turned out great. (I no longer live near a Trader Joe's that sells liquor, so I'm afraid I can't provide more specific details.) Given all the other flavors in a black cake, I find interesting the notion that the rum makes that much of a difference . . . . I know there are other black cake makers here, so I look forward to hearing what they have to say. ;o)
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