Simple Summer Peach Cake

Hello, just a quick couple of questions - how much salt should go into this recipe as it does not say in the recipe but does mention it in the instructions portion. For the peach mixture, there was alot of juice, I wasn't sure if the juice should be poured into the cake?



Shuna L. September 3, 2012
Last I checked in my kitchen a pinch varied from 1/2 teaspoon to 1 Tablespoon, depending on the size of the hands of the cook. I'm a big fan of salt and my pinch tends to be about a teaspoon. If the peaches are emitting a lot of liquid it means they are macerating for a long time.
A few ideas for superjuicy peaches:
1. cut and toss in flour &/or cake "dries" mixture no more than 10 minutes before cake goes in oven.
2. do not macerate at all
3. strain juices and reduce until as thick & sticky as honey and when cool, add to batter.
4. do same as #3 but don't take as far and use for glaze on cake.
drbabs September 2, 2012
I've made this a lot. I use a pinch of kosher salt, and I put the peaches in with some liquid clinging to them, but I don't pour in all the liquid. Good luck! It's a great cake.
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