Is there a way to keep leftover sliced tomatoes? I know it's a sin to refrigerate tomatoes but I just wondered what the rest of you do?

I hate to just toss them and this seems to happen to me frequently. I thought about chopping them and adding a little oil and vinegar. Any suggestion?



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There is a very potent flavor compound in ripe tomatoes which is inactivated by cold. Once this compound changes its conformation, it is irreversible; the tomatoes WILL lose flavor. Raw tomatoes, whole or cut, should never be refrigerated if at all possible (in fact, they should not get much below 55F). The easiest solution is to just eat the whole tomato. :) (This doesn't apply to cooked tomato products, by the way; the cooking process also serves to lock the flavor compound in its active state.)
Bates,Barley September 3, 2012
Also useful is if you've only slice part of the tomato store it uncovered on a plate, cut side down. I've done this both in and out of the fridge.
linzarella September 3, 2012
Just bring them to room temperature before you serve them and you can't notice a difference.

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Reiney September 2, 2012
Only a sin to refrigerate whole tomatoes - cut, it's pretty much a necessity. (No penance necessary!)
Kristen W. September 2, 2012
Wow, glad to know that! I've wondered the exact same thing many times.
Sam1148 September 2, 2012
If they're sliced, just cover them with wrap and put in the 'fridge. Maybe a bit of oil, vinegar--but no salt!

After tomatoes are ripened..the fridge is fine if you slice them.
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