What do I need to make a tofu coconut curry?

a Whole Foods Market Customer


Quinciferous September 5, 2012
I just made something very similar tonight, only I add a sweetener too.

I fried tofu separately until crisp. Then in another pan, homemade green curry paste + palm sugar + coconut milk + a few tbps. of soy sauce. Once sugar was dissolved and mixture was bubbling and fragrant, I proceeded as you say. Tonight the vegetables were a red bell pepper, a jalepeno, a finely sliced onion, a bunch of Japanese eggplant, and a handful of wax beans, cut up into 2-inch pieces.
HalfPint September 5, 2012
Not sure whether you want Thai or indian curry. Only know Thai curry. You will need coconut milk, Thai curry paste (red, green or yellow, yellow tends to be the mildest), and fish sauce, use salt or a light soy sauce ( not low sodium) if you want to keep it vegetarian. Sauté a generous tbs of the curry paste until fragrant and the oil starts to separate out. Add your tofu and gently toss to combine. If you have time and the inclination, fry the tofu till golden and crispy first before adding to the curry. Add any cut up vegetables, like red bell peppers, baby corn, or butternut squash. Add coconut milk and a little water to thin out if needed. Season with fish sauce or alternatives. Add more curry paste if you want it spicier. Bring to a simmer and cook until vegetables are done.
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