I had tofu cheesecake awhile back in Curry House, Los Angeles, and it was amazing, it was a subtle cheese flavor, and extremely light, almost mousse-like texture. I'm not vegan, but I just was wondering does tofu make baked goods lighter in texture? Or how would you use silken tofu in baked goods? Would you recommend it?



happycao January 26, 2011
thanks! I've been dying to go to Kyotofu actually. Apparently their cupcakes are the best!
Anitalectric January 25, 2011
Silken tofu is versatile but tricky. Here are some common uses in vegan baking:
1. egg substitute/binder in cakes and bread
2. filling/custard in pies and tarts
3. Makes excellent frosting when blended with cocoa powder and agave
4. Crumbled and used in savory pastries like quiche and spinach pie

In my experience, tofu can actually makes baked goods denser and heavier, so I prefer to use ground flax seeds as an egg substitute for bread and cakes. Also, as a long term vegan I have developed an allergy to soy.

Kyotofu, in NYC, has perfected the art of tofu in baking. Their young chef (Michelle Park? Have to look up name and get back to u) is immensely talented. If you can look up any of their recipes/philosophy -- they are the authority on this subject!
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