I really want to start cooking with wood but all I have right now is Elm. Is it ok to cook with elm wood? And if so are there any specific items the wood goes with? Thanks!



thirschfeld September 9, 2010
I don't think elm would be a great choice. I have used it and I would just wait. Apple and pecan are two I would search out also but pierino is pretty much on the money.
pierino September 9, 2010
I don't know how resiny elm is. My preferred woods are oak and hickory. NEVER EVER try cooking anything with Eucalyptus! Perhaps you can buy bagged oak or hickory charcoal (as opposed briquettes, they're not the same). Wood is wonderful for steaks and cuts of meat such as tri-tip but also with chicken. If you are using it for chicken keep both skin and bone intact. Same advice for anything involving pork. In all of the above cases season only with salt and pepper and let the wood do its work.
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