Chicken stock congealed

I made a large batch of chicken stock about five days ago. I got lazy and let it sit in my fridge in a large bowl since then. I just went to strain out the fat and divvy it up into smaller containers to freezer when I discovered that it had turned to the consistency of jelly. What the heck?!?! I have never had this happen? All the fat appears to have floated to the top, as normal. It has been a while since I made, but isn't this just basically flavored water? I used the roasted bones from one carcass and then a bunch of raw chicken wings to make the stock. I am so confused. Can this be saved?



babytiger September 9, 2012
Since it's been a while, you should listen to the others and heat up the stock and re-cool before freezing. If it's just left overnight, you can just portion out the jelly and freeze. I've done that before and it's just fine.
Elaine R. September 9, 2012
I agree too that after 5 days in the frige I would bring the stock to a boil before freezing to destroy any bacteria that may developed. Also li when it is liquid again it will be easier to portion for freezing.
Greenstuff September 8, 2012
I will add that I think five days is a little long. I'd bring it back to a simmer for 20 minutes or more, then re-cool it before freezing.
Greenstuff September 8, 2012
Yep, it was the wings. I sometimes buy chicken feet just to get a nice gelatinous broth. Go ahead and divvy it up. Don't worry if there's a bit that's runny and another part that's better jelled. Again, this is good!
WannabeBaker September 8, 2012
Hmm, OK. Can I still go ahead and divvy it up and freeze it as I normally would? I find this so strange - my stock is always in liquid form whenever I make it. I wonder if it's because my meat to water ratio was a lot higher by using all those chicken wings, which got packed in.
Sam1148 September 8, 2012
The chicken wings have a high gelatin content, as other mentioned a chilled broth that's jelly like is good. It'll freeze fine. When you reheat it, it'll make a very rich stock.
Use a spoon while it's chilled to skim off the fat disk.
Greenstuff September 8, 2012
This Is good! Just what you want for a nice, rich broth. It'll melt if you serve it warm. Don't worry, it's good!

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Reiney September 8, 2012
Ooooh congealed! You lucky, lucky cook. It means you rendered a lot of gelatin from the bones, and the more it resembles jelly = the better your sauces & results will be. If it's the consistency of water then it's not a well made chicken stock.

Well done!
Fred January 25, 2021
Thank you!
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