received a couple pounds of garden tomatoes. Any ideas?



mainecook61 September 10, 2012
Tomato sandwich every day until they are gone. Very tricky: two slices of bread, toasted if you like; thickly sliced tomato; mayonnaise (Hellman's, Kewpie . . ). The addition of bacon/lettuce merely gilds the lily. Lick your fingers, as soon there will be no more garden tomatoes, only hydroponic impostors or worse.
Champa P. September 10, 2012
Try tomatoes with brown butter. You slice your tomatoes 1/4 to 1/3 inch thick, brown butter over med. heat in a sauce pan (brown butter is what you get just before you burn it :)) and then pour the hot butter over the tomato (in front of your guest so they can hear it sizzle), and then place a thin slice of mozarella on top and season with dried oregano or parsley flakes and pepper/salt. You can also serve this with a baguette or other artisan bread. This is a great appetizer and one your friends will remember.
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 10, 2012
Broiled with olive oil, good parm and fresh herbs. Love them stuffed with whipped goat cheese and thyme. Baked tomatoes added to a steak salad & blue cheese. Hungry now.
Benny September 10, 2012
Yes, slow roasted in olive oil, garlic and herbs. Great as a bread topping. Or, eat them fresh with salt and pepper. Use them up as quickly as possible.

When they start to turn, make tomato purée out of them. Keep it neutral so it's more versatile. The simplest thing to do is half them, then place on a roasting sheet and roast on low heat
For a couple of hours. When most of the moisture has cooked out, take them out of the oven, cool down for a bit, then run them through a food mill. Freeze it in whatever sized portions work best for you. I like to do it in ice cube trays. I often add a dollop of home made tomato purée to many sauces and soups, so the ice cube sized portions are perfect for me.
ChefOno September 10, 2012

I like to use them fresh where their flavor will shine the brightest. Caprese-style salads, pastas and soups are my favorite.

Roasting them with a little olive oil and garlic is another quick and simple way of preserving the summer sunshine. Then eat them by themselves, mixed with other vegetables*, in salads, with pasta, atop pizza…

ChefJune September 10, 2012
Whenever I have more tomatoes than I think I can safely use, I make "Gravy." (That's tomato sauce.) I usually make it completely plain -- just tomatoes and garlic -- and freeze it. Later I can doctor it up amny way I like. There's no such thing as too much homemade tomato sauce.
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A tomato jam.
JanetFL September 10, 2012
Here is one delicious suggestion - Marcella Hazan's Tomato Sauce with Onion and Butter!! Link is below:
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