How long are packets of quick/instant oatmeal good? It's got to be longer than the packaging claims?



mvangraaf September 16, 2012
JEEZ, not stupid idea! Thank you.
lbs70 September 16, 2012
I just heard a great use for older packets of instant oatmeal... Add to your favorite cookie recipe. The specific recommendation was maple/ brown sugar oatmeal in a chocolate chip cookie batter.
mvangraaf September 15, 2012
ChefOno September 15, 2012

Define "good". Define the date on the packaging -- does it say "best by" or words to that effect?

If your priorities are not taste, degraded nutritional value, or the long-term effects of free radicals released by oxidization, this will be of interest:

Amanda H. September 15, 2012
Depends on how it's stored. Now sure what the packaging says (or what it contains -- there may be flavoring ingredients that break down sooner than the oats), but if you keep oatmeal in a cool dark place, it's usually good for at least a year.
mvangraaf September 15, 2012
Thank you.
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