am having trouble finding even at gourmet food stores--does instant steel cut oatmeal exist?



innoabrd January 18, 2011
I'm not into oatmeal, but have read that a good (ie. zojirushi) rice cooker with a timer does a fabulous job of making oatmeal by itself overnight.
betteirene January 18, 2011
And then there's the rice cooker version, and oats in a Thermos, too.

Even though I cited Alton Brown, I used his name in vain. His recipe for overnight oatmeal calls for water, oats, half-and-half, cranberries and figs. I love all that stuff, but I don't like it so much when it's all cooked together--I'd much rather put add-ins into the bowl instead of the cooking pot.

I do this instead: I once used apple juice for the water--it was okay, not as great as I anticipated. Also, I don't sleep long, so mine only cook for about six hours. They have a bit of chew to them.

BTW, Mark Bittman does his on the stove in 25 minutes while he's showering and shaving. He's partial to savory oats and enjoys a bowlful with a dollop of tapenade and a drizzle of olive oil. No thanks.
AntoniaJames January 17, 2011
HLA, I have, but really didn't like the Elmer's glue consistency, at least not in that recipe. When you cook the stuff on the stove, and stir it occasionally, a fair bit of water evaporates, leaving a firmer, slightly more toothsome consistency, which I prefer. Thanks, though! ;o)
hardlikearmour January 17, 2011
AJ, have you tried using ying's technique?
AntoniaJames January 17, 2011
betteirene, what proportions do you use when cooking steel cut oats in the slow cooker? I usually do what SusanG suggests, but am playing around with savory porridges quite a bit these days, in which the flavors would do well to simmer with heat, instead of just steeping. Thanks! ;o)
betteirene January 17, 2011
Dang! TJ is a 45-minute trip for me. Now that I know about it, I gotta get me some.
susan G. January 17, 2011
almost instant, if you think ahead: simmer regular SC oats for 10 minutes before you go to bed, then finish cooking in the morning -- painless, delicious.
SpecialSka January 17, 2011
I've been using the McCann's Quick-Cooking Steel Cut oats and they are really good. I make a few servings in my rice cooker and then just heat in the microwave when I'm ready to eat them. Nice texture!
virgieandhats January 17, 2011
I believe they carry the McCann's instant product at Trader Joe's sometimes.
betteirene January 17, 2011
Sorry, you're out of luck.

If you have a Crock Pot, do what Alton Brown taught me: cook steel-cut oats while you sleep and they'll be ready when you wake up.
debbiet January 17, 2011
I googled, and it appears that McCann's offers a product called Quick & Easy irish steel cut oats.

Maybe contact them to find a store that carries it. :)
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